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About the ACCU

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The Association of Cornish Credit Unions

Each of the the Credit Unions opperating in Cornwall has a representative that sits on the ACCU board. The board decides on countywide policy and strategy, working  together to develop a joined up approach to credit unions in Cornwall. The ACCU board meets every two to three months for a workshopped meeting that will examine individual issues that face Cornish credit unions.

ACCU’s remit is to provide training and networking opportunities for the Cornish credit unions and produce generic promotional material. It also gains funding to support its activities and looks into partnerships work that will enable a larger degree of sustainablity.


ACCU provide training that includes

  • Induction Training
  • Directors Training
  • Credit Committee
  • Front of House Training

Away Days

ACCU hosts two Themed Away Days a year. In November last year we focused on Sustainablity looking at how credit unions can work together and share resources and  developing partnerships and strategys that will allow us to be less dependant on grants.


ACCU have established a free phone number 0800131 3804  that can enable callers to contact the credit in their common bond.


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